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(David Thrower, 18.08.2017)

Powerplay Magazine:
(Thanks to Paul Fogarty for the photocopy!)

Following a career that has seen InfiNight share the stage with bands such as Freedom Call, Powerwolf and Children Of Bodom, along with an appearance at the hallowed Wacken Open Air festival, new EP "Fifteen" pulls together every aspect of their sound into one succinct body of work.
Often compared to the likes of Iced Earth and Nevermore, the band deliver power metal in a thrashy vein, never more so than on the only track written for the EP, "Through the endless Night", which is part Maiden/part Priest thanks to a galloping riff and the high-pitched walls of vocalist Martin Klein that eventually pulled me into its clutches as it moved through the  gears, despite my early misgivings.
other offerings on the short-player include a remake of one of the first InfiNight songs, "Goodbye, cruel World", this time entitled "Goodbye II (this cruel World)" and an acoustic version of "Here to conquer", but the standout track by a country mile is their version of Hellowed's "For the Crown", which may be a cover but packs enough marching punch to defeat the heartiest of enemies.

Released to coincide with the band's fifteenth anniversary, the new EP continues with the same power and variety found on their last full-length offering, "Apex Predator", and should please fans of old and new.

Writer: David Thrower
Date: 18.08.2017
Score: 7/10 (70 %)


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