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(Iron Mathew, 03.08.2017)

InfiNight are a heavy metal band from Germany formed in 2001 releasing their first E.P. in 2004 and their first full length album in 2005. The band released their second album in 2011, quickly followed by a second E.P. in 2013. The bands third album was released in 2015 with a third E.P. released in 2016.

‘Fifteen’, the title of the latest release from InfiNight, is in recognition of the bands fifteen year anniversary and contains four songs, two new ones and two re-worked ones from early in their career. ‘Goodbye II (This Cruel World)’ is an updated version of ‘Goodbye, Cruel World’ which has made three previous appearances* during the bands career. Chugging relentlessly, ‘Goodbye II (This Cruel World) sets a very heavy mid tempo stomp, with a buzzing guitar sound a mix of the NWOBHM and European power metal sounds. Powerful, clean and clear vocals accompany the catchy rhythm and for anyone that has never heard the band before, an immediate like is instant.

‘Here To Conquer’ is an unplugged version of the song that appears on the bands 2011 album ‘Like Puppets’. Stripped down and bare, ‘Here To Conquer’ showcases the band at their most basic, amazingly catchy and foot tappingly addictive. The first two songs have shown the flexibility of the band to try something different…the second two songs show the creativity of the band as they are both brand new recordings. Opening with one of the heaviest guitar riffs ever, becoming a galloping thrash metal influenced stomp, ‘For The Crown’ is a unique blend of power metal and thrash.

The vocal delivery remains very much power metal orientated, but the rough and tough nature of the music definitely owes its sound to the thrash metal genre. Bringing the E.P. to a close is ‘Through The Endless Night’…the intro full of atmosphere, building into a crescendo before assuming a mid tempo stomp in the vibe and style of modern American power metal. This E.P. is a four song introduction to the band and serves as an appetiser or stopgap, depending on your point of view, for the next chapter. Watch this space…

Overall, heavy and catchy power metal with thrash metal influences, a good introduction to a band that still has plenty to offer the global metal scene.

* ‘Goodbye, Cruel World’ appears on ‘Demo-Lition’ (2003 demo), ‘Beyond Reach’ (2004 E.P.) and ‘Sea Of Knowledge (2005 album)

Writer: Iron Mathew
Date: 03.08.2017
Score: 8/10 (80 %)


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