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(RockmusicRaider, 31.05.2017)

Do you thirst for comfort in Heavy Metal? Something with enough oomph to please da stainless self, yet not used to beat you into the dust with at the same time? Clear, concisely written tracks, delivered with German precision? Well, then good ‘ol RockmusicRaider might just have the remedy for ye. 

Here’s to a blurb, released end of 2016 by the German band InfiNight. Their birthday EP Fifteen – for 15 years of service – will slay that burning thirst for stellar metal in a heartbeat. They feature this very precise Heavy / Power Metal style, a real healer after all that fuzziness the metal music world seems to disintegrate into these days.

The disc comes complete with all the trappings such a metallic EP should contain. Razor-sharp, stellar riffs and solos, sturdy drum work and powerful vocals, delivered in best metal fashion. The latter somehow include Dream Evil-esque metal screams. Not quite at Ms. Slayes levels, but then that’s not necessarily desirable neither.

Now, if an EP is an indicator of a band’s performance, then this is a good one. Fifteen excels in plugged or unplugged modes. Your steely heart is gonna like it.

Now, before you pass yer mighty judgement, check this out:


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Writer: RockmusicRaider
Date: 31.05.2017


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