The Vision - Metal Temple


(Eric, 15.08.2013)

EPs are never as satisfying as I’d like. I don’t think I’ve ever really found one that was able to satiate my desire for something good. Not because of some personal grudge I have against EPs, it’s just the nature of how they work. Most EPs are not really going to get the full dedication and talent of the band, so it’s this sort of “why not?” release. But even if it’s good, it’s almost always too short to get into.

I have this problem with INFINIGHT’s latest release. It’s just far too fucking brief for me. Excluding the minute-long track that functions only as an intro for the final track, you’re looking at four complete songs. I enjoyed all of them for the most part.

I liked the vocal work, I was happy with the riffage, maybe the drums sounded a little odd to me, but that was alright. Overall it was worth the listen. And if I was not a lazy sack of shit, I’d probably want to look into this band’s other works and see what they have.

I guess that’s the point of an EP, right? It’s like an enticing virgin who gets you to follow you to her hotel room, where several large men in ski masks are waiting to knock you out and steal your kidney. In other words, I think EPs are supposed to get you into the band and buy their other, full-length albums.

Well, maybe it’ll work. But we’ll see.

Oh, and I guess beyond that, I didn’t care for one song that was a really weird fucking ballad or something. Fuck ballads. All of them. 

Writer: Eric
Date: 15.08.2013
Score: 7/10 (70 %)


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