The Vision - Absolute Hell



InfiNight – The Vision

Short, simple, and to the point ; InfiNight play a damn nice mixture of Rock and Thrash Metal. Makes me think of bands like My Insanity, Virus IV, and (old) Blind Guardian, before all the crazy orchestration. This is an album for any fan of old fashioned metal.

Beautiful guitar work, great singer (powerful voice, without all the ridiculous highs and overbearing technique), perfect bass playing (all you really need : on time and right in the middle of the mix), and a drummer who knows how to show his talent without making you feel like he’s trying to make everyone else look bad.

The mix on this EP is perfect. It shows these guys care about their work. Although at 5 tracks and less than 16 minutes, I hate the fact that I was just starting to really get into this when it suddenly stopped on me.

Synopsis : This is a perfect album, IF you like old style metal. There is nothing at all fancy about it. It is straightforward and in your face for 15 minutes or so, then it’s gone. But it’s damn well worth the listen. Just set the damn thing on repeat and let it do its thing.

Date: 18.08.2013
Score: 90/100 (90 %)


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