The Vision - Battle Helm Magazin


(Anders Ekdahl, 25.07.2013)

I know that at some point in time all the great band names must be taken and you got to think really hard to come up with something cool but I’m not too sure that INFINIGHT is the right kind of cool. I for one have a hard time getting the meaning of it. This German lot has a very American sounding take on metal. The guitars are tuned low and the vocals are melodic like a ton of bands I’ve heard but can’t remember the names of. Perhaps not the stuff I listen to all day long but still good enough for me to want to put it on at special occasions. As long as it isn’t Nickelback I’m happy. There is a charm to this that I appreciate. It is not too sugary. The band has managed to balance power and melodies to make this a record well worth looking for if you need a fix of melodic metal.

Writer: Anders Ekdahl
Date: 25.07.2013


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