Like Puppets -


(ZeeZee, 18.10.2010)

Though INFINIGHT are coming in to their tenth year together as a band, this newly released album LIKE PUPPETS is only their second full length release, coming a full five years after the 2005 debut. The base of the albums sound is in the traditional sounding power metal vein, but the influence of thrash metal is quite evident and if you listen close enough there is a bit of a feeling of progressive metal scattered in there too.

The album’s lyrics, which by the way are offered up by an outstanding vocalist in Martin Klein, follow a loose concept about everybody on earth being like a puppet for the higher authorities and such things, I guess this could almost make LIKE PUPPETS a concept album, but only just. While I think the band play a great style of power metal, the trash influences don’t always work, leaving a few songs sounding quite disjointed from others around it. Title track LIKE PUPPETS does however have plenty to offer and sounds like a cross between HELSTAR and QUEENSRYCHE, with a bit of a modern sheen and really starts the album off on a high not after a bit of a pointless intro. MEDIA SERPENT comes more from the thrash metal side of the band and does show that their writing in this style is proficient but not outstanding, once again a modern sounding chorus is the highlight of the song. GODFORSAKEN, and the great closing track CITY LIGHS show the stronger side of the band again and seem to sound more natural than a few of the more ordinary tunes.

I have no doubt that IFINIGHT are on to something here, with a bit of a unique approach and a pretty decent set of songs. I do feel however, that before they can really make any big waves they need to finesse the thrash element as at the moment it’s a little too much of a transition from the base sound to feel comfortable. LIKE PUPPETS is definitely worth a listen for power metal fans and patient thrash metal fans and is hopefully a hint at what INFINIGHT can give us in the future.


Writer: ZeeZee
Date: 18.10.2010
Score: 7/10 (70 %)


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