Like Puppets - Lords of Metal


(Frank V., 01.09.2010)

Again there is a German CD on my doormat; the chance that is just another power metal album in succession is high. But after a short listening turn I am completely surprised, these guys from near Saarbrucken have managed to go totally a different direction. After a brief intro it shatters the title song 'Like Puppets' from your speakers. Followed by the commercial 'Media Serpent' the band knows to create a perfect mix of techno metal mixed with modern metal sounds as we know them from Nevermore and Iced Earth. But they offer much more, an almost perfect singer with a sense of drama, as we know from singer Buddy of Psychotic Waltz. That band has certainly served as an influence. And the old work of Queensryche has been some inspiration to these guys.

But frankly, we should be glad with this band, they know how to create a very unique sound. The tracks are perfect and each track is another masterpiece on its own. Whether you like it fast, heavy, slow, epical etc all is in here on one record. I find it unbelievable that this band has not achieved a higher status yet. But this record will certainly open more doors for them, go listen to this, order the CD, do something with you will not regret. However, you must be open for multiple influences, but that should be clear by now, if you are open minded go ahead.

Writer: Frank V.
Date: 01.09.2010
Score: 84/100 (84 %)


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