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(Clint, 01.09.2010)

A few years ago I reviewed 'Sea of knowledge', the solid debut from German power metal band Infinight. Now they're back with their 2nd CD 'Like puppets', and for those who missed my review of 'Sea of knowledge', know that the band sits on the heavier side of the genre (with slight thrash leanings on occasion) and overall they belong somewhere in the group that contains Intense, Iced Earth, Boomerang, Mystic Prophecy, Spiral Tower, Winterfell, Sencirow, Prodigal Earth, Brainstorm, Symphorce, Defending the Faith and so on.

Just like the debut, the CD is mostly mid-paced, but there are both fast and slow segments that provide some tempo variety. The guitar work is again catchy, though the songs on this CD (when compared to the songs on 'Sea of knowledge') are catchier and it's obvious the band has matured - regarding every aspect. The songwriting is crisper, it's as simple as that. Vocalist Martin Klein returns, but don't expect an aggressive vocalist like the vocalists from some of the bands I mentioned, as Martin has a clear voice, and he's quite good - possibly even better than he was on the debut.

The CD is consistently great, though besides the extra-strong closer, none of them specifically stand out as highlights. That said, none of them stand out as being weak or really even average. The fact is, 'Like puppets' is a step up from the debut, and it's a well done power metal CD for those who mostly enjoy the heavier side of the genre.

Writer: Clint
Date: 01.09.2010
Score: 3,5/5 (70 %)


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