Like Puppets - Spirit of Metal


(GandhiEgo, 18.08.2010)

I am afraid that this review may possibly turn out to be a disappointment for the guys in Infinight. It's not that the music sucks or anything but when I took on the review I had checked the band's profile and it said "Bay Area Thrash Metal".

Well I've been listening to this record for a few times now, and the genre does not quite fit in my opinion. Sure there could be some riffing here and there that seem to be more Thrash Metal than the rest, but what we have here is more of a Heavy Metal/Power Metal outfit than anything else. And quite unfortunately that's not the area in Metal that I feel most comfortable with.

Sure I was raised with a lot of Heavy Metal before going all out on the more extreme branches of Metal, but this feels like it was ages ago and quite frankly my references are rather slim. Still, I'll try to let you guys know what I feel were the highlights of this record "Like Puppets" as well as the downsides. Again my apologies if you feel somewhat disappointed with the lack of arguments.

Infinight is a German band that's been out there since 2001 and already released their debut back in 2005. Somehow, though I don't know the reasons why, it took them another five years to release their sophomore album "Like Puppets".

Musically, as I said, the band plays a rather nice mixture between Heavy Metal and Power Metal which somehow reminded me of a combination between Queensryche's Operation Mindcrime and Helloween's Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 1. Hailing from Germany, be prepared for a songwriting that gives sing-along anthems the best part of the record. I must assume Germans must love to sing since their Heavy Metal and Thrash Metal scenes have always flourished with bands that have a knack for strong memorable choruses.

The reference to Operation Mindcrime is definitely not a vain one because even lyrically Infinight seems to have pulled out something of a concept album. Lyrics about how basically we're just sheep, puppets whose strings are controlled by the media and governments. For a Power Metal band, that's a nice change from the ever slaying dragon fighters and other princess rescuers.

After having played the record for some time now, I feel it's a very sound release and since, I'm not the biggest fan out there for such records, I can only assume that real fans will find something that they will appreciate. My only concern, if applicable, is that there are either too many songs or that they're just too long. Some conciseness would have been welcome on my side because after like 7 or 8 songs, the album loses some of its intensity and begins to feel a bit dull but it's just me and I know that Power Metal aficionados usually do enjoy the longer tracks.

Considering such music is usually not my cup of tea, it's fair to assume that if I enjoyed most of it rather nicely, people that dig such records will find it rewarding. At least, I somehow had the pleasure to step back some 20 years ago in my musical "experience". Thank you guys!

Writer: GandhiEgo
Date: 18.08.2010
Score: 14/20 (70 %)


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