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(CLINT, 26.09.2008)

I'm a bit late acquiring and reviewing Infinight's full-length debut 'Sea of knowledge', but I guess this is one of those situations where it's better late than never. The band was actually formed way back in 2001 and began as a cover band, though it wasn't long until they started writing their own material, which was about a year later (in 2002). A few years after that they self-released 'Sea of knowledge' (in 2005) and as I write this they are still active, getting set to release their 2nd full-length CD.

Infinight is a German band and they play a heavier style of power metal. Brainstorm is the band that first entered my mind as a comparison, but I would also add Spiral Tower, Black Abyss, Intense, Defending the Faith and maybe Hybrid to the list, though there's even a hint of Iced Earth, and a dash of Manticora and Rising Faith. I know there are plenty of fans of this heavier style of power metal, and Infinight could easily appeal to all of them.

'Sea of knowledge' has a strong start, as the opener "The swarm" has powerful guitar work and the mostly-clear voice of Martin Klein (who's occasionally rough) jumps out immediately. The following track 2 "The downward spiral" is definitely one of the best songs on the CD though, as it's extremely catchy, has a great chorus and a terrific guitar solo. Track 3 "The sleeper" and track 4 "Beyond reach" are good examples of a song that has portions of greatness, but doesn't come together as a whole and impress from start to finish. Track 5 "Sea of knowledge" is awesome however, as its pulverizing riffs hit you at the beginning and the end slows down just a bit, in a very memorable way.

Track 6 is another song that is good, but contains parts that are just okay, and like "The sleeper" and "Beyond reach", doesn't fully grab me. The slow track 7 "Final question" is a nice break from the heavier songs though, and track 8 "Labyrinth of lies" is fairly catchy and has a successful change of direction midway through. The closer "Gallery of dreams" is the longest song on the CD, varies in tempo, and is a thoroughly strong song, ending the CD on a high note.

Overall, 'Sea of knowledge' offers up both mid-paced and fast-paced songs (with a few slower moments) that are heavy enough and catchy enough that fans of this style of power metal really need to check it out. Personally, I'd call the CD a solid start, for sure, and I'm looking forward to their upcoming 2nd CD.

Writer: CLINT
Date: 26.09.2008
Score: 3/5 (60 %)


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