Sea of knowledge - FISHCOMCOLLECTIVE


(Goran, 18.09.2006)

Winning 2006’s local Wacken Metal Battle, and other impressing biographical facts, immediately convinced me of this band, even before I listened to their album… That being said, the album is a beautiful stock of nine powermetal hymns: crystal clear, or raw but even more powerful vocals; with guitarleads and riffing as you want this kind of music to be. The first track seemed to lack a certain climax and couldn’t convince me totally, but on closer inspection, it’s just the warm-up for the whole album. From the second song onwards, InfiNight’s style becomes more prominent, once you got struck by it, you’re into the album’s atmosphere. I expected everything a bit more aggressive and up-tempo (like the excellent titletrack), but apart from a few compositions, most songs are dominantly mid-paced and catchy in their own flow. Anyway, I could rant on about how it does or doest not sound, but instead I would like to suggest to every heavy/power/thrash fan: check this gifted band out!

Writer: Goran
Date: 18.09.2006


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