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(Ser GREGOR, 28.11.2017)

InfiNight are a bit of a strange beast to judge for me. Although being in the Scene and making Music for more than 15 years they have been releasing Albums (and some EPs) more or less completely without the help of any bigger Labels.
The same can be said for "Apex Predator" which has again been released by the band itself. This lack of Promotion is also the reason I needed 15 years to discover their Music - however, I am happy that I finally found them!
The reason why I called the Situation of InfiNight "strange" is that the Quality of the Music presented here is of the highest order.
The band define their style as "US Power Metal with a bit Bay-Area Thrash and lots of Heavy Metal" - and they are not too far away from the truth.
Thinking about German bands linked with US Metal one of the first names coming to my mind is Brainstorm and I guess this Name is quite a good indication. Of course this does not mean that InfiNight are copycats - not at all.
The title track start things with a great opening Riff. The verse flows into the first of many great Refrains.
"Creator created" starts with some distorted guitar-play intro before the other instruments kick in. Again we have a great Bridge before we get the next memorable Chorus. Epic but not overblown. Fantastic.
I checked some other Reviews where the singer Martin Klein has been criticized. I have no idea why as he delivers with great Emotion and control and fits to the also amazing instrumentalists like a glove. Maybe the reason are the sometimes used pretty high screams - however, the same could be said about some more famous colleagues so one either likes this style or not.
An absolute Highlight is the following track "Enforcer (The Fire deep inside)" which Switches between softer and emotional and more aggressive parts.
"As Time goes by" is a ballad that is surprisingly great as well. Maybe I should not be surprised at this Point anymore - however, I did not see this coming. My inner eye can see Bruce Willis saving the world and Ben Affleck kissing some chick with the song playing in the Background. Goosebumps.
"Masks" is a bit heavier again but stays in mid tempo.
Without mentioning every single song here I will just Highlight 2 more of my favorites:
"The hundred Thousand Kingdoms" has another of this epic and slightly melancholic choruses as well as a fantastic guitar solo as well. In General the technical skills shown on the instruments are impressive. The song structures are not that simple so they stay really interesting.
If this song is a Tribute to NK Jemisin I do not know as I have not yet read any of her books (although having her Name on my to-read list for some years now).
"Beyond the Apex" is the big epic of this Album. Starting slow with acoustic guitars and soft vocals the track develops in a fantastic hymn showing once again all the Trademarks over nearly 9 minutes.
The production is fantastic and one would not believe that this record is self-produced. Packaged with a dark but interesting artwork and pretty deep lyrics each fan of the already mentioned Brainstorm but also bands like Tad Morose, Nevermore, Communic, Lanfear, Mercury Falling or Pyramaze will find another must-buy release here.

Writer: Ser GREGOR
Date: 28.11.2017
Score: 5/5 (100 %)
URL: https://www.amazon.com/Apex-Predator-InfiNight/dp/B016FF0BC0/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1512472654&sr=8-4&keywords=infinight#customerReviews


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