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(wonderboxmetal, 17.06.2017)

Infinight are a German power metal band and this is their latest EP.

I’ve developed quite a fondness for Infinight over the years, starting with their hugely enjoyable 2013 EP The Vision, and culminating in their mighty third album Apex Predator, which even made it onto my end of year best of list for 2015.

This release is named for the band’s 15th anniversary, contains four tracks, and has a total duration of just over 21 minutes. Two songs are new, and two are reworked versions of older songs.

The EP showcases what Infinight do so well, which is modern power/heavy metal loaded with soaring choruses, catchy melodies, beefy guitars, emotive content, and lasting appeal. Yep, Infinight know their style very well, and at this point in their career don’t seem to be able to do anything wrong.

A band like this need a strong singer, and I have to say that Infinight’s singer is one of the best in the business as far as I’m concerned. With range, passion, and power, he makes short work of the material on Fifteen and he’s absolutely on top form.

In many ways this is just a stopgap release to tide us over to what will hopefully be an upcoming new album. Even though, it’s still extremely enjoyable and there’s more than enough meaty content to keep you nicely filled up.

Hail Infinight!

Writer: wonderboxmetal
Date: 17.06.2017


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