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(David Thrower, 05.02.2016)

Powerplay Magazine, Issue 183:
(Thanks to Paul Fogarty for the photocopy!)

Album number three from German power metallers InfiNight.

"Apex Predator" (not to be confused with "Apex Predator - Easy Meat" by Napalm Death), follows on from 2005's "Sea of Knowledge" and 2010's "Like Puppets", and showcases a band growing in maturity as well as stretching themselves musically. Offering the usual aspects associated with power metal, they also add slight touches of thrash and metal overlaid by the wonderful vocal talents of Martin Klein on songs no doubt influenced by playing with the likes of Blind Guardian and Powerwolf.

"Creator created" and the self-titled opener are great examples of the band's style with the twin guitars of Dominique Raber and Marco Grewenig creating sharp, staccato riffs and soaring solos to accompany Klein's Halford-like vocals. Slower numbers like "Time goes by" or "Conquer your Heart" show a more emotive side to the band, but it's when they let their creative juices flow that they really excel on tracks like "Electrolita" or the epic "Beyond the Apex", which both display a progressive element to their style.

Being from Germany means it's a sin if your power metal is not of high standard, but thankfully InfiNight stand their ground with sixty minutes of instantly accessible music that may cross certain genre boundaries, but never loses track of its true identity.

Writer: David Thrower
Date: 05.02.2016
Score: 7/10 (70 %)


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