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(Metal-Rules.com UK Team, 02.01.2016)

Before reading the bio I listened to this album and thought this is an American Power Metal band in the style of Iced Earth and Queensryche. Reading the bio, Infinight were founded in 2001 and are actually German, although influenced by Symphony X, Iced Earth and Nevermore.

Nice melodic slightly high pitched vocals, shredding guitars with flourishes and subtle progressive touches. Positive vibes in the songs and music that has totally bypassed grunge and nu-metal, which is all good with me.

Some of these songs took a while for me to get into and click into gear, maybe due to one too many mid paced tunes. Sorry guys, I am going to mention Queensryche again and this album will please people who loved their Empire album from 1990.

After saying that I actually really love the two ballads on the album, Time Goes By and Conquer Your Heart. It really showcases the singers abilities and the clean guitars sound beautiful. I listened to these over a dozen times one after the other I was so impressed. Remember the Annihilator album Set the World on Fire? The singer and the ballads on the album? They sound similar although much more mature and accomplished.

Going back to the rest of the album it all started to make sense. Suddenly my 3 out of 5 rating moved up to 4 and would have been higher had they included a couple of speedy numbers.

Someone asked me the other day why metal is so depressing and angry. I will ask them to buy this album.

Writer: Metal-Rules.com UK Team
Date: 02.01.2016
Score: 4/5 (80 %)
URL: http://www.metal-rules.com/review/viewreview.php?band=Infinight&album=Apex%20Predator&post_by=Metal-Rules.com%20UK%20Team&month=January&year=2016&pos=0


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