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(wonderboxmetal, 14.11.2015)

This is the third album from German Power Metal band Infinight.

Having listened to it over and over and over again, it’s safe to say that I love Infinight’s previous EP The Vision. Such a good release and only a teaser really at 13 minutes in length. So when this latest album made its way to me, at a whopping 61 minutes long, I was a very happy bunny indeed.

Once again we get sophisticated, maturely-written and well-played Power Metal that just has something extra that a lot of bands of this style are missing. It’s a combination of a lot of factors; the guitars, the vocal melodies, the structure of the songs…Infinight have something intangibly special about them that just draws me in and keeps me captivated whenever they’re playing.

I think that it ultimatley probaby boils down to the fact that although all of the normal Power Metal ingredients are used, they’re just used so well and in such expert ways that the end result is the tastiest of treats. The songs are intelligently-arranged and the band seem to excel at doing things in such a way that their sound is instantly recognisable as Power Metal, but with enough individuality and style to stick out.

Songs, songs, songs. It’s all about the songs for Power Metal and there’s no lack of these on this release. Catchiness and hooks abound, powered by a band that understand dynamics, pacing and song-structure.

I can’t help but fawn and gush over this, really. I love Power Metal when it’s done this well and is infused with such quality. It’s not over-the-top and ostentatious, but nor is it timid or lacking in confidence. Apex Predator strikes the perfect balance between the flashy European style and the more modern American one. Add to that a singer who really knows what he’s doing and this is a top rate album.

My advice? Listen to this, and then listen to it again. And again. And again. And again…


Writer: wonderboxmetal
Date: 14.11.2015
URL: https://wonderboxmetal.wordpress.com/2015/11/14/infinight-apex-predator-review/


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