The Vision - Wonderbox Metal



Here we have a gem of a Power Metal release from Germany – InfiNight have released a Rockingly good EP of solid Metal.

Containing 5 tracks and 3 actual songs, (2 interludes), their brand of Power Metal is based not on histrionic vocals or flashy music, but rather it’s all about creating a good song and a catchy hook.

Hideaway is the first song and it’s a corker! A quality Metal song; it’s melodic and catchy with infections riffs. The singer has a voice that’s on top form and he knows when to hold back and when to let loose.

A Loss of Love has more of a restrained opening than the first song, but not to its detriment. Once again it’s incredibly catchy and very well written. The vocals really lift an already good song into almost chart-topping territory.

Final track The Vision sees the band up the tempo and take on almost a Thrash aspect.

Based on this EP InfiNight should be bigger than they are. Much bigger. This EP is an absolute cracker and is 13 minutes well spent for any Metal fan.

Date: 25.02.2014


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